American Well & Pump is a top residential & commercial drilling company that specializes in Geothermal drilling throughout Nassau and Suffolk Long Island. Providing quality service with the utmost professionalism is important to us. Browse this site to learn more about all of our valuable geothermal, drilling and pump services.

Geothermal Energy

Drilling & Wells

Pump Installation

American Well & Pump possesses the experience as well as all the heavy duty equipment to provide drilling services that meet all safety and quality regulations. We have been providing these drilling services since 1989 and have developed a reputation as one of the top drilling companies in the industry.

Reliable solutions for your drilling needs can be planned and executed on time and within budget. We are proud of our long standing professional and positive track record and look forward to meeting and presenting drilling options that are suitable to your particular needs.

We provide all types of GeoThermal drilling services from start to finish.

• Open / Closed Loop

• Standing Column

• Horizontal Trenching

• Vault / Manifolds

• Pumps / Flow Centers

American Well & Pump has all the heavy duty machinery on-hand:

Schramm Drill Rigs, Gus Pech Brute, 22w Cable Tool, Pull Pump Trucks, Pump Hoists, Smeal 10t.

Drilling, Pumps & Geothermal Services For Commercial / Residential Clients In Nassau Or Suffolk Long Island.