Geo: Earth, Thermal: Heat. Natural Geothermal Energy originates from below the surface of the earth. This continually produced energy is known as geothermal power. Choosing to use Geothermal Energy over conventional power will significantly reduce heating and cooling costs in your Nassau or Suffolk Long Island home or business.

Geothermal Energy; the smarter way to heat and cool your home or business on Long Island.

• Low maintenance

• 45% more efficient

• Quick return on investment

• 30% tax credit.

American Well & Pump provides geothermal heating and cooling services for both residential and commercial clients.


Open Loop:

An open loop system extracts water from a supply well and is used for the purposes of heating and cooling. Once it has circulated through the system, the water returns to the ground through a recharge well (return well). Open loop system’s main advantage is temperature, but the disadvantage could be water quality.


Closed Loop:

Closed loop geothermal systems circulate a carrier fluid through pipes installed below the surface of the ground and deliver it up to the surface to supply cooling or heating capabilities. The main advantage of a closed loop system is no maintenance and is not affected by poor water quality.


Standing Column:

In a standing column system, groundwater is pumped up through a central pipe. A submersible pump is installed which pulls the water from the bottom of the well.


Other Geothermal Related Services:

• Horizontal trenching 

• Vault/Manifold installations

• Geothermal pumps & flow centers

• Purging/Anti freezing of system 

• Thermal conductivity tests